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(A Community Service Initiative)


In the time of COVID-19 where we are encouraged to Stay Home as much as possible unless otherwise necessary, many of us might wish to consider getting our groceries and necessities online rather than crowding the supermarket stores and malls. Further, with the precautionary measure of 1 metre safe distancing that has been imposed by the government, getting into the malls and waiting to pay for your purchases would require some queueing. So, why queue when you can shop for your groceries in the comfort of your own home?


As such, I am happy to compile a list of online platforms for grocery shopping for us to consider. This list is not exhaustive and whilst I have not personally tried out all the options listed, these include some platforms tried or listed by my contacts or other sources. Do exercise your discretion in the use of these platforms. And do feel free to connect with me to add in other platforms that I might have missed out. J


Let us all be vigilant and help look out for one another. Together, we can overcome this unprecedented adversity!


Stay safe, stay healthy.



Pauline Chua










Fresh Produce:





Halal Groceries:



Premium or Specialised Groceries:

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